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Easy Lawn L90 Hydro-seeder 2002

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Easy Lawn L90 Hydroseeder




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Easy Lawn L90 Hydro-seeder 2002
Item Number: 
Industry:  Agriculture
Manufacturer:  Easy Lawn 
Model:  L90 
Serial Number:   
Part Number:   
Year:  2002 
Operating Hours:   
Condition:  Used 
Quantity:  1 
Asking Price:  $12,500.00
Times Viewed:  16538 
Jack Hackett
Surplus Equipment Exchange
Phone: 888-494-4011

This Hydroseeder
2002 L90 Easy Lawn Hydro-seeder
900 gallon tank
New Briggs & Stratton 23 hp motor with only 5 hours.
The pump has been gone through
Covers 12,000 square feet per tank
Has a bale buster on it
200' of hose with 2 nozzles
Tower has 2 nozzles
VERY clean!
Stays indoors when not using

Polyethylene Tank
4"x3" Easy Lawn HPV Pump
Full Port Brass Ball Valves
Manual Reel w/ 100; 1 1/4: Hose
(Capable of holding 300')
Dual Axle Trailer
2: Easy Access Drain Plugs
15+ Gallon fuel tanks
Dual Fill Openings So Unit Can Be Filled While Adding Mulch OHV Twin Cylinder Engines
3: Galvanized Agitation Tube w/ New Larger Jets
Full Port 3: Clean Out for Agitation Tube
7 cu. ft. Tool Box in Trailer
Poly Coated Deck and Tool Box Lid
Full Flow Fittings
2 Larger Fan, 1 Straight Nozzle
2: Hydrant Fill w/ Valve at Unit
Top Agitation Jet

Why Easy Lawn?
Easy Lawn takes pride in building top quality equipment for the landscape industry. Our design philosophy is to build an easy to use product with few moving parts and low maintenance and upkeep costs. This enables you to have a productive, profitable hydroseeding machine without the headaches and expenses normally associated with our competitors equipment. The following list highlights several of the most important features of the L90 and L120. Donít buy a competitors machine until you have seen a free demonstration of an Easy Lawn Hydro Seeding System. Just give us a call at (800) 638-1769, we are confident you wonít be disappointed.

Low Maintenance
Poly tanks are not corrosive like their steel tank counterparts, and jet agitation systems have no hydraulics, chains, or belts that require constant attention. Unlike a paddle agitation system, there are no seals that leak or bearings that fail.

Ease of Use and Precision Control
Direct drive between the pump and motor, and jet agitation mean that there are no complex controls that the operator must learn how to use. Spray patterns are controlled at the turret and at the end of the hose with ball valves, not by throttling the engine or opening a pressure relief bypass valve. Our superior pump performance and high working pressures allow the use of smaller hoses. Smaller hoses are easier to handle and enable the user to cut in next to buildings and around sidewalks and planting beds without masking or expensive cleanup afterwards.

Fast Continuous Mixing
Electric mulch grinders provide fast, efficient loading of the hydroseeding mulch, and jet agitation mixes the load much more evenly and consistently. This ensures an even distribution of the seed, fertilizer, and mulch on the seedbed. Because of our renowned pump performance, our agitation system does not have to be cut back to achieve a good spray pattern. Other jet agitation machines have to sacrifice either spray pressure or agitation because they do not have the pressure to do both at the same time.

Jack Hackett
Surplus Equipment Exchange
Phone: 888-494-4011

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